Roll of Honour

Divisional & Cup Winners of the Bristol & West Water Polo League
1958Bristol CentralBristol Grammar
1959HenleazeBristol Grammar/
1960Bristol CentralWeston-s-Mare
1961Newport OlympicBristol Gramma
1962Newport OlympicWeston-s-Mare
1963Newport OlympicWeston-s-Mare
1965Newport OlympicNo Contest
1968CardiffNo Contest
1969Cardiff & YeovilMaindee Olympic
1970Bristol CentralMaindee Olympic
In 1971 Division 2 was introduced to the league
1971CardiffBristol Central IIMaindee Olympic
1972Maindee OlympicBristol Central IIMaindee Olympic
1973Maindee OlympicBristol Central IIMaindee Olympic
1974Maindee OlympicGloucester CityMaindee Olympic
1975Maindee OlympicRAF LynehamMaindee Olympic/Cardiff
1976Maindee OlympicWeston-super-MareMaindee Olympic
1977Maindee OlympicBristol Central IICheltenham
1978Maindee OlympicExmouthBristol Central
1979Maindee OlympicBristol Central IIBristol Central
1980Maindee OlympicRAF LynehamCheltenham
1981Bristol CentralNewton AbbotWeston-s-Mare
1982Bristol CentralYeovilWeston-s-Mare
1983Bristol CentralSwindon DolphinsWeston-s-Mare
1984Bristol CentralSoundwellWeston-s-Mare
1985Bristol CentralNewton AbbotWeston-s-Mare
1986Bristol CentralCheltenham IIExeter
1987Bristol CentralRAF LyenhamExeter
1988CheltenhamSwindon DolphinsExeter
1989CheltenhamSwanseaBristol Central
In 1990 the President's Cup was introduced to the league to give a further layer of competition that gave a "level playing field" through a handicap system
1990CheltenhamBristol Central IIWeston-s-MareSwansea
1991CheltenhamRAF LynehamWeston-sr-MareBradford on Avon
1992CheltenhamBristol Central IITorquayNewton Abbot
1993CheltenhamBristol Central IIBristol CentralWeston-s-Mare
1994CheltenhamBradford on AvonBristol CentralWeston-s-Mare
1995CheltenhamBristol Central IIBristol CentralNewton Abbot
1996CheltenhamBristol HarlequinsBristol CentralFrome
1997CheltenhamBradford on AvonTorquay LeanderNewton Abbot
1998CheltenhamNo ContestCheltenhamHarlequins
1999Bristol CentralCheltenham IICheltenhamNewton Abbot
2000Bristol CentralCardiff UniversityNo ContestFrome
2001Bristol CentralCardiff UniversityNo ContestNewton Abbot
2002Bristol CentralCardiff UniversityNo ContestWeston-s-Mare
2003Bristol CentralCardiff UniversityNo ContestBristol University
In 2004 the Women's Division was introduced to the league.
2004Bristol CentralCheltenham IITisbury LadiesNo Contest
2005Bristol CentralCheltenham IIExeterCardiff UniNo Contest
2006Bristol Central*Newton AbbotNewton Abbot IICardiff UniNo Contest
In 2007 the Premier League was introduced to give better competition for top British Water Polo League Teams. All teams progress through the divsions, ie Div 2 became Div 1, etc, etc. Division 3 was suspended.
2007Bristol Central**Cheltenham IINewton Abbot IICardiff UnNo ContestWeston-s-Mare
After a break of eight years, the junior division was reintroduced in 2008
2008CheltenhamCheltenham IIExeterCardiff LadiesCheltenhamHarlequins
2009CheltenhamCheltenham IIFromeBristol CentralCheltenhamBristol Central II
2010CheltenhamCheltenham IINewton AbbotBristol CentralCheltenhamWeston-s-Mare
2011CheltenhamExeterExeter IINewton AbbotCheltenhamBradford on Avon
2012CheltenhamCheltenham IIWeston-s-MareWelsh WandNewton AbbotNewton Abbot
2013Bristol CentralExeterExeter IIWelsh WandExeterSwindon Dolphins
2014Bristol CentralSwindon DolphinsCheltenham IICheltenhamExeterBradford on Avon
2015Bristol CentralExeter IIBarbariansDevonport RoyalsExeterHarlequins
2016No ContestExeterCity of NewportExeterExeterSwindon Dolphins
2017No ContestWelsh WanderersHarlequinsCheltenhamNewton AbbotCwm Draig
2018Welsh WanderersCoB BarbariansTaunton DeaneExeterDevonport RoyalsSouth Gloucestershire
In 2019 the Junior Division was split and two divisions were formed to give better competition.
2019Cheltenham SpartansCoB BarbariansUniversity of BathExeterCity of BristolCity of NewportWelsh Wanderers
2020No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)
2021No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)No Competition (Covid)
For 2022 the Junior League has changed to Under-17s League
Premier DivisionFirst DivisionSecond DivisionWomen's DivisionUnder-17s Division
2022Welsh WanderersCoB BarbariansWelsh Wanderers IIExeter WomenCity of NewportCoB Harlequins
For 2023 the Under-17s League has switched to a Winter League and an Under-15s League introducedUnder-15s League
2023Welsh WanderersFromeExeter IIExeterExeterExerterSwindon Dolphin