2024 Fixtures, Referee Appointments

Click here for 2024 Match Sheet. This must be used for all matches. Ensure you print both pages.

Fixtures here for Senior Men Premier, Division One, Division Two, Women’s Division, Under-17s Northern Region and Under-15s Northern Region; also President’s Cup Fixtures.

Please remember to give 14 days notice to Appointed Officials and opposition.

1 JanWelsh Wanderers WomenDevonport Royal WomanTBACardiff International PoolAwaiting Date
7 FebCity of NewportUniversity of Bath10-8Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
8 FebExeter WomenWelsh Wanderers Women12-6St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
15 FebCity of BristolCity of Bristol Barbarians26-5Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
23 FebUniversity of BathExeter Seconds9-20University of BathMatch Sheet
27 FebDevonport RoyalNewton Abbot8-6Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
28 FebWelsh Wanderers U17sSwansea U17s5-0Cardiff International PoolCancelled by Swansea U17s
5 MarDevonport RoyalExeter Seconds19-6Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
7 MarCity of Bristol BarbariansCity of Bristol14-17Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
7 MarExeter WomenNewton Abbot Women9-8St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
12 MarCity of Bristol BarbariansWelsh Wanderers8-15Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
12 MarDevonport RoyalUniversity of Bath13-9Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
13 MarWelsh Wanderers U17sCity of Bristol U17s20-10Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
13 MarFromeSwindon Dolphin15-14 (7)Frome Sports and Fitness CentreMatch Sheet
14 MarCity of Bristol HarlequinsCeltic Dragons12-13Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
15 MarUniversity of BathCity of Newport9-9University of BathMatch Sheet
19 MarSwanseaBradford on Avon12-9Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
20 MarWelsh Wanderers U17sCity of Newport U17s22-14Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
21 MarSwansea U17sCity of Bristol U17s4-28Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
21 MarCity of Bristol BarbariansFrome14-7Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
22 MarUniversity of BathNewton Abbot14-12University of BathMatch Sheet
23 MarUniversity of BathWeston-super-Mare0-5University of BathDecision by Compliance Officer
24 MarSwindon DolphinCity of Bristol Harlequins4-20Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
28 MarWelsh Wanderers IICeltic Dragons21-10Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
28 MarExeter SecondsNewton Abbot8-12St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
2 AprDevonport RoyalCity of Newport8-9Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
4 AprWelsh Wanderers IIBradford on Avon23-14Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
7 AprCeltic DragonsWelsh Wanderers II5-11Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
7 AprWeston-super-MareDevonport Royal10-16Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
9 AprSwanseaCity of Bristol Harlequins(4) 10 - 14Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
14 AprSwindon DolphinWelsh Wanderers II14-13Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
14 AprNewton AbbotUniversity of Bath10-9Kingsteignton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
14 AprWeston-super-MareCity of Newport9-10Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
16 AprSwanseaWelsh Wanderers II10-16Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
18 AprCity of Bristol WomenWelsh Wanderers Women14-6Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
20 AprUniversity of BathDevonport Royal10-8University of BathMatch Sheet
21 AprWeston-super-MareNewton Abbot10-14Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
22 AprBradford on AvonWelsh Wanderers II9-19Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
25 AprSwansea U17sCity of Newport U17s5-0Wales National Pool, SwanseaCancelled by Newport
25 AprCity of Bristol HarlequinsWelsh Wanderers II12-16Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
25 AprExeter SecondsUniversity of Bath17-15St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
28 AprCity of BristolFrome17-8Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
28 AprWeston-super-MareUniversity of Bath11-3Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
29 AprBradford on AvonCeltic Dragons12-14Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
30 AprDevonport RoyalWeston-super-Mare19-15Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
1 MayFromeCity of Bristol Barbarians5-8Frome Sports and Fitness CentreMatch Sheet
2 MayCity of Bristol HarlequinsSwansea15-10Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
4 MayCity of Newport U17sSwansea U17s0-5Newport International PoolCancelled by Newport
12 MayCity of Bristol HarlequinsBradford on Avon14-9Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
12 MaySwindon DolphinSwansea10-14Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
12 MayWeston-super-MareExeter Seconds9-11Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
15 MayFromeExeter5-0Frome Sports and Fitness CentreCancelled by Exeter
15 MayCity of NewportWeston-super-Mare14-8Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
16 MayWelsh Wanderers IICity of Bristol Harlequins20-6Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
20 MayBradford on AvonSwindon Dolphin15-14Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
22 MayCity of NewportDevonport Royal18-8Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
23 MayCity of Bristol BarbariansExeter10-8Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
26 MayWeston-super-MareCity of Newport18:30Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
12 JunWelsh Wanderers U15sCity of Bristol Under-15s8-14Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
12 JunFromeWelsh Wanderers7-19Frome Sports and Fitness CentreMatch Sheet
13 JunWelsh Wanderers IISwansea20-2Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
13 JunCity of Bristol HarlequinsSwindon Dolphin11-12Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
20 JunWelsh Wanderers IISwindon Dolphin16-7Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
20 JunExeter WomenDevonport Royal Woman19-6St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
23 JunCeltic DragonsCity of Bristol Harlequins11-6Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
23 JunNewton Abbot WomenWelsh Wanderers Women5-0Kingsteignton Swimming PoolCancelled by Welsh Wanderers
25 JunDevonport Royal WomanExeter Women7-26Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
27 JunExeter SecondsWeston-super-Mare13-3St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
30 JunNewton AbbotCity of Newport15-13Kingsteignton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
5 JulWelsh WanderersFrome25-8Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
6 JulDevonport Royal WomanWelsh Wanderers Women5-0Plymouth Life CentreCancelled by Welsh Wanderers
7 JulNewton Abbot WomenCity of Bristol WomenAwaiting New DateKingsteignton Swimming PoolWD - S Tomlinson/M Coles Postponed - Awaiting new date
7 JulNewton AbbotDevonport Royal11-7Kingsteignton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
9 JulSwanseaSwindon Dolphin19-22Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
11 JulExeterCity of Bristol Barbarians14-12St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
13 JulCity of NewportNewton Abbot30-4Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
16 JulDevonport Royal WomanNewton Abbot Women7-13Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
21 JulCeltic DragonsSwindon Dolphin13:00Newport International PoolDiv 2 - M Coles/N Purslow
25 JulWelsh WanderersCity of Bristol Barbarians19:45Cardiff International PoolPL - N Paton/C Tubby
25 JulExeter SecondsDevonport Royal21:00St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterDiv 1 - S Tomlinson/R Tamlyn
28 JulNewton AbbotWeston-super-Mare18:15Kingsteignton Swimming PoolDiv 1 - S Tomlinson/Jadyn Cubitt
1 SepNewton Abbot WomenExeter Women17:00Kingsteignton Swimming PoolWD - M Coles/Jadyn Cubitt
1 SepNewton AbbotExeter Seconds18:15Kingsteignton Swimming PoolDiv 1 - M Coles/Jadyn Cubitt
5 SepExeterWelsh Wanderers20:45St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterPL - P Whiting/R Tamlyn
7 SepCity of Newport U17sCity of Bristol U17sTBANewport International PoolU17s D Waller/M Coles
8 SepCity of Bristol WomenNewton Abbot Women10:45Hengrove Leisure CentreWD - A Smith/N Paton
10 SepWelsh Wanderers WomenExeter Women20:15Cardiff International PoolWD - J Farror/J Evans
11 SepFromeCity of Bristol20:45Frome Sports and Fitness CentrePL - M Coles/C Selby
12 SepCity of Bristol U17sSwansea U17s19:00Hengrove Leisure CentreU17s - A Smith/C Selby
12 SepWelsh WanderersExeter19:45Cardiff International PoolPL - N Paton/C Tubby
13 SepWelsh Wanderers WomenNewton Abbot Women20:15Cardiff International PoolWD - J Evans/J Farror
14 SepDevonport Royal WomanCity of Bristol Women19:00Plymouth Life CentreWD - J Trist/R Dyer
15 SepCity of BristolExeter12:00Hengrove Leisure CentrePrem - N Paton/S Tomlinson
15 SepSwindon DolphinCeltic Dragons13:00Marlborough College Swimming PoolDiv 2 - B Poole/C Tubby
18 SepCity of NewportExeter Seconds21:00Newport International PoolDiv 1 - M Coles/J Griffiths
19 SepWelsh WanderersCity of Bristol19:45Cardiff International PoolPL - N Paton/C Tubby
19 SepCity of Bristol WomenExeter Women20:30Hengrove Leisure CentreWD - C Selby/A Hicks
22 SepCeltic DragonsSwansea13:00Newport International PoolDiv 2 - M Coles/B Bisztritsanyi
24 SepCity of Bristol U17sCity of Newport U17sPPDHengrove Leisure CentreU17s M Coles/A Smith Game (New Date)
26 SepSwansea U17sWelsh Wanderers U17s20:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaU17s - N Davies/J Farror
29 SepSwindon DolphinBradford on Avon13:00Marlborough College Swimming PoolDiv 2 - M Coles/B Poole
1 OctSwanseaCity of Bristol Harlequins20:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaDiv 2 - N Davies/J Griffiths
3 OctExeter SecondsCity of Newport21:00St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterDiv 1 - P Whiting/R Tamlyn
6 OctCity of Bristol WomenDevonport Royal Woman10:45Hengrove Leisure CentreWD - N Paton/C Tubby
6 OctCity of BristolWelsh Wanderers12:00Hengrove Leisure CentrePL - N Paton/C Tubby
6 OctCeltic DragonsBradford on Avon13:00Newport International PoolDiv 2 - M Coles/B Bisztritsanyi
8 OctSwanseaCeltic Dragons20:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaDiv 2 - N Davies/J Griffiths
8 OctWelsh Wanderers WomenCity of Bristol Women20:15Cardiff International Pool
9 OctNewton Abbot WomenDevonport Royal Woman20:00Newton Abbot Leisure CentreWD - S Tomlinson/V Goodwin
10 OctExeterFrome20:45St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterPrem - R Tamlyn/P Whiting
13 OctCity of Bristol Under-15sWelsh Wanderers U15sTBAHengrove Leisure Centre
14 OctBradford on AvonCity of Bristol Harlequins20:30Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolDiv 2 - M Coles/C Selby
17 OctExeter WomenCity of Bristol Women21:00St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterWD - P Whiting/K Greenslade
21 OctBradford on AvonSwansea20:00Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolDiv 2 - M Coles/B Poole
21 OctSwanseaBradford on Avon20:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaDiv 2 - N Davies/J Farror
24 OctCity of Bristol U17sWelsh Wanderers U17s19:00Hengrove Leisure CentreU17s - M Coles/C Selby
24 OctExeterCity of Bristol21:00St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterPrem - P Whiting/J Trist