2023 Season

Premier League Senior Men

Welsh Wanderers are the League Winners, and have already been presented with the Premier League Shield. City of Newport to be relegated to Division 1.

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGames CancelledGFGAGDPTS
Welsh Wanderers88000147648324
City of Bristol84310114882617
City of Bristol Barbarians8260076147-7112
City of Newport8170096137-4110

14th September: Exeter deducted two points for cancelling to Welsh Wanderers.

Division One Senior Men

Frome are the League Winners. Having applied the Competition Rules, the relegation position is decided by matches between Welsh Wanderers II and University of Bath. On April 27th, the result of the game played in Cardiff was 15-12 to Welsh Wanderers II, giving them a +3 advantage. In the return leg at Bath, University of Bath won 20-16, giving them a +4 goal advantage. Therefore it is Welsh Wanderers II who will be relegated to Division 2, and University of Bath will remain in Division One. This will be ratified at the next league committee meeting, by the league’s management committee.

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGames CancelledGFGAGDPTS
Newton Abbot105500108101720
Devonport Royal104510131129219
Welsh Wanderers II1044111341122216
University of Bath104411114125-1116

6th May: University of Bath deducted two points for cancelling to Weston-super-Mare.
7th June: Welsh Wanderers II deducted two points for cancelling to Frome.

Division Two Senior Men

Exeter II are the winners of the Division 2 Senior Men Competition.

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGames CancelledGFGAGDPTS
Exeter Seconds12120002118212936
Swindon Dolphin128310124123129
Celtic Dragons1273201331033028
City of Bristol Harlequins125511123121220
Taunton Deane12270362162-1007
Bradford on Avon12270396125-297

5th March: Bradford on Avon deducted two points for cancelling to Taunton Deane.
19th March: Taunton Deane deducted two points for cancelling to Swansea.
23rd April: Bradford on Avon deducted two points for cancelling to Celtic Dragons.
14th May: Taunton Deane deducted two points for cancelling to Celtic Dragons.
30th June: Bradford on Avon deducted two points for cancelling to Exeter Seconds.
16th July: Taunton Deane deducted two points for cancelling to Swindon Dolphins.
21st July: City of Bristol Harlequins deducted two points for cancelling to Exeter II.

Women’s Division

Exeter are the winners of the Women’s Division.

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGames CancelledGFGAGDPTS
Exeter Women8710066184822
City of Bristol Women8700179334619
Welsh Wanderers Women8430163451813
Newton Abbot Women824022864-366
Cwm Draig Women80206581-76-10

19th April: Welsh Wanderers deducted two points for cancelling to Exeter.
20th April: Cwm Draig deducted two points for cancelling to City of Bristol.
4th May: Cwm Draig deducted two points for cancelling to Welsh Wanderers.
9th May: Welsh Wanderers deducted two points for abandoning game against Exeter.
7th June: Cwm Draig deducted two points for cancelling to Exeter.
1st July: Cwm Draig deducted two points for cancelling to Newton Abbot.
6th September: City of Bristol deducted two points for cancelling to Exeter.
14th October: Cwm Draig deducted two points for cancelling to Exeter.
21st October: Cwm Draig deducted two points for cancelling to Newton Abbot

Under-17s Northern Region

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGames CancelledGFGAGDPTS
Welsh Wanderers U17s88000145687724
City of Bristol U17s85300157708718
Swansea U17s85201106683815
Weston-super-Mare U17s8170065159-9410
City of Newport U17s8170060168-10810

19th February: Swansea deducted two points for cancelling to Welsh Wanderers.

Under-17s Southern Region

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGames CancelledGFGAGDPTS
Exeter Under-17s22000498416
Newton Abbot Under 17s201101830-123
Devonport Royal U17s201101645-293

Under-17s Finals

The finals were played at Millfield on 14th May 2023 between the two top teams from the Northern Region versus the two top teams from the Southern Region. Exeter were the winners.

TeamPlayedWonLostDrawnForAgainstGoal DifferencePoints
Exeter U17s2200244204
Welsh Wanderers U17s2110292452
City of Bristol U17s21101433-192
Newton Abbot U17s20201631-150

Under-15s Finals

Again this competition was run over two regions, the Northern Region and the Southern Region. City of Bristol won the Northern Region, and Exeter won the Southern Region. The finals were then run over a home and away basis, with Exeter coming out on top with two wins, and so were awarded the Under-15s Division.

Senior Men, Senior Women, Under 17s Northern Region & Under-15s Northern Region

14 DecWelsh Wanderers U17sSwansea U17s16-6Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
8 JanCity of Bristol U17sSwansea U17s14-6Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
21 JanCity of Newport U17sCity of Bristol U17s4-31Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
22 JanSwansea U17sWeston-super-Mare U17s25-5Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
25 JanWelsh Wanderers U17sCity of Newport U17s17-8Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
29 JanWeston-super-Mare U17sSwansea U17s8-16Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
2 FebSwansea U17sCity of Bristol U17s8-7Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
5 FebCity of Bristol U17sWeston-super-Mare U17s26-8Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
19 FebSwansea U17sWelsh Wanderers U17s0-5Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Forfieted by Swansea. Rule 12.3.4 implemented
19 FebWeston-super-Mare U17sCity of Bristol U17s4-20Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
1 MarFromeUniversity of Bath14 - 25 (6)Frome Sports and Fitness CentreMatch Sheet
5 MarTaunton DeaneBradford on Avon5-0Taunton Swimming PoolBOA unable to raise a side. Rule 12.3.4 implemented
6 MarExeter Under-17sDevonport Royal U17s32-3St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
7 MarCity of Bristol U17sCity of Newport U17s28-3Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
9 MarCity of Bristol HarlequinsSwindon Dolphin11-12Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
11 MarCity of Newport U17sWeston-super-Mare U17s16-10Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
12 MarCity of Bristol U17sWelsh Wanderers U17s17-18Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
12 MarSwindon DolphinSwansea9-8Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
14 MarWelsh Wanderers WomenCwm Draig Women27-1Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
14 MarDevonport RoyalFrome13-5Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
15 MarWelsh Wanderers U17sWeston-super-Mare U17s33-9Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
16 MarCity of BristolCity of Bristol Barbarians16-5Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
18 MarNewton Abbot Under 17sExeter Under-17s5-17Newton Abbot Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
19 MarSwanseaTaunton Deane5-0Wales National Pool, SwanseaTaunton Dean unable to field a side. Rule 12.3.4 implemented
19 MarSwindon DolphinExeter Seconds8-18Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
19 MarWeston-super-Mare U17sCity of Newport U17s14-9Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
20 MarBradford on AvonCeltic Dragons7-14Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
22 MarWelsh Wanderers U17sCity of Bristol U17s19-14Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
23 MarNewton Abbot Under 17sDevonport Royal U17s13-13Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
23 MarCity of Bristol BarbariansCity of Bristol16-15Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
24 MarExeter SecondsSwansea18-7St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
25 MarCity of Newport U17sWelsh Wanderers U17s7-23Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
26 MarSwansea U17sCity of Newport U17s25-10Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
26 MarWeston-super-Mare U17sWelsh Wanderers U17s7-14Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
27 MarBradford on AvonCity of Bristol Harlequins11-8Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
30 MarWelsh Wanderers IIDevonport Royal21-12Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
30 MarCity of Bristol WomenCwm Draig Women24-4Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
1 AprCity of Newport U17sSwansea U17s3-20Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
1 AprCity of NewportCity of Bristol Barbarians15-7Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
11 AprDevonport RoyalWeston-super-Mare23-9Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
16 AprCeltic DragonsCity of Bristol Harlequins11-11Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
17 AprBradford on AvonExeter Seconds10-18Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
18 AprDevonport RoyalWelsh Wanderers II14-14Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
19 AprExeter WomenWelsh Wanderers Women5-0St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterCancelled by Welsh Wanderers
20 AprCwm Draig WomenCity of Bristol Women0-5Sobell Leisure CentreMatch Cancelled by Cwm Draig
20 AprWelsh Wanderers IIFrome12-13Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
21 AprExeter SecondsSwindon Dolphin18-8St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
23 AprCeltic DragonsBradford on Avon5-0Newport International PoolCancelled by Bradford on Avon
23 AprWeston-super-MareDevonport Royal15-9Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
23 AprTaunton DeaneSwansea15 - 20 (8)Taunton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
26 AprFromeDevonport Royal15-11Frome Sports and Fitness CentreMatch Sheet
27 AprWelsh Wanderers IIUniversity of Bath15-12Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
27 AprCity of Bristol BarbariansCity of Newport15-14Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
30 AprWeston-super-MareNewton Abbot12-15Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
2 MayDevonport RoyalUniversity of Bath13-9Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
4 MayCwm Draig WomenWelsh Wanderers Women0-5Sobell Leisure CentreMatch Cancelled by Cwm Draig
5 MayUniversity of BathWelsh Wanderers II20-16University of BathMatch Sheet
6 MayUniversity of BathWeston-super-Mare0-5University of BathCancelled by University of Bath
9 MayWelsh Wanderers WomenExeter Women0-5Cardiff International PoolWelsh Wanderers Women abandoned game. Match awarded to Exeter and 2 points deducted from Welsh Wanderers Women
12 MayExeter SecondsTaunton Deane25-4St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
13 MayUniversity of BathDevonport Royal16-11University of BathMatch Sheet
14 MayExeter Under-17sCity of Bristol U17sFirst Semi-Final
Millfield – Pitch AMatch Sheet
14 MayWelsh Wanderers U17sNewton Abbot Under 17sSecond Semi-Final
Millfield – Pitch AMatch Sheet
14 MayCity of Bristol U17sNewton Abbot Under 17sThird & Fourth Playoff
Millfield – Pitch AMatch Sheet
14 MayExeter Under-17sWelsh Wanderers U17sFinal
Millfield – Pitch AMatch Sheet
14 MaySwanseaBradford on Avon16-8Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
14 MaySwindon DolphinNewton Abbot24 (12) - 8Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
14 MayCeltic DragonsTaunton Deane5-0Newport International PoolMatch conceded by Taunton Deane
17 MayFromeUniversity of Bath11-12Frome Sports and Fitness CentreMatch Sheet
18 MayCity of Bristol BarbariansExeter14-16Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
21 MaySwanseaCeltic Dragons12-24Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
21 MayWeston-super-MareCity of Bristol Harlequins10 - 8 (3)Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
23 MayDevonport RoyalNewton Abbot17-14Plymouth Life CentreMatch Sheet
24 MayFromeWeston-super-Mare21-10Frome Sports and Fitness CentreMatch Sheet
25 MayWelsh Wanderers IIWeston-super-Mare30-4Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
25 MayCity of Bristol HarlequinsTaunton Deane15-6Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
26 MayExeter SecondsCeltic Dragons14-11St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
4 JunCity of BristolCity of Newport22-12Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
4 JunWeston-super-MareWelsh Wanderers II11-9Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
5 JunBradford on AvonSwindon Dolphin9-11Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
7 JunExeter WomenCwm Draig Women5-0St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterCwm Draig Cancelled
7 JunFromeWelsh Wanderers II5-0Frome Sports and Fitness CentreWelsh Wanderers II Cancelled
10 JunCity of NewportCity of Bristol7-12Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
11 JunCeltic DragonsExeter Seconds9-19Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
11 JunNewton Abbot WomenWelsh Wanderers Women8-11Kingsteignton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
11 JunWeston-super-MareUniversity of Bath18-15Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
12 JunBradford on AvonTaunton Deane30-5Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
14 JunNewton AbbotUniversity of Bath13-3Newton Abbot Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
15 JunCity of Bristol HarlequinsBradford on Avon14-12Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
18 JunSwanseaSwindon Dolphin16-12Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
22 JunCity of Bristol HarlequinsExeter Seconds5-20Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
25 JunTaunton DeaneExeter Seconds7-19Taunton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
26 JunBradford on AvonSwansea8-14Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
28 JunWelsh Wanderers U15sCity of Bristol Under-15s6-16Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
29 JunCity of Bristol HarlequinsSwansea14-13Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
30 JunExeter SecondsBradford on Avon5-0St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterCancelled by Bradford on Avon
1 JulCwm Draig WomenNewton Abbot Women0-5Sobell Leisure CentreCancelled by Cwm Draig
2 JulCity of Bristol BarbariansWelsh Wanderers9-30Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
2 JulSwindon DolphinBradford on Avon10-1Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
6 JulWelsh Wanderers IINewton Abbot12-7Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
9 JulCeltic DragonsSwindon Dolphin13-13Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
12 JulCity of NewportExeter11-15Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
13 JulCity of Bristol HarlequinsCeltic Dragons10-14Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
14 JulExeterCity of Bristol Barbarians22-4St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
16 JulSwindon DolphinTaunton Deane5-0Marlborough College Swimming PoolCancelled by Taunton Deane
16 JulCeltic DragonsSwansea5-0Newport International PoolCancelled by Swansea
16 JulWeston-super-MareFrome12-17Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
21 JulExeter SecondsCity of Bristol Harlequins5-0St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterCancelled by CoB Harlequins
22 JulUniversity of BathWeston-super-Mare5 - 0University of BathGame Conceded by University of Bath. WsM progress to Final
23 JulSwanseaExeter Seconds13-32Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatch Sheet
23 JulNewton AbbotWelsh Wanderers II14-5Kingsteignton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
30 JulNewton AbbotWeston-super-Mare9-2Kingsteignton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
11 AugWelsh WanderersCity of Bristol Barbarians19-6Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
1 SepExeterWelsh Wanderers7-29St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
3 SepNewton Abbot WomenExeter Women5-12Kingsteignton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
3 SepNewton AbbotFrome5-8Kingsteignton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
6 SepExeter WomenCity of Bristol Women5-0St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterGame conceded by City of Bristol.
7 SepWelsh WanderersCity of Newport20-13Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
10 SepCity of Bristol Under-15sWelsh Wanderers U15s4-12Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
10 SepCity of BristolWelsh Wanderers12-14Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
10 SepSwindon DolphinSwansea5-0Marlborough College Swimming PoolConceded by Swansea. Swindon progress to Final
12 SepWelsh Wanderers WomenCity of Bristol Women8-11Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
14 SepWelsh WanderersExeter5-0Cardiff International PoolConceded by Exeter
15 SepWelsh Wanderers WomenNewton Abbot Women5-0Cardiff International PoolConceded by Newton Abbot
17 SepSwanseaCity of Bristol Harlequins0-5Wales National Pool, SwanseaGame conceded by Swansea
17 SepTaunton DeaneSwindon Dolphin12-14Taunton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
20 SepExeter WomenNewton Abbot Women23-2St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
21 SepCity of Bristol WomenWelsh Wanderers Women15-7Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
24 SepTaunton DeaneSwansea11-9Taunton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
27 SepFromeNewton Abbot17-7Frome Sports and Fitness CentreMatch Sheet
27 SepCity of NewportWelsh Wanderers9-18Newport International PoolMatch Sheet
29 SepExeterCity of Bristol11-11St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
1 OctTaunton DeaneCeltic Dragons7-14Taunton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
2 OctWelsh WanderersCity of Bristol12-8Cardiff International PoolMatch Sheet
6 OctExeter Under-15sCity of Bristol Under-15s18-15St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
8 OctCity of Bristol WomenNewton Abbot Women5-0Hengrove Leisure CentreConceded by Newton Abbot
8 OctSwindon DolphinCity of Bristol Harlequins12-9Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
11 OctNewton AbbotDevonport Royal11-8Newton Abbot Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
12 OctCity of Bristol WomenExeter Women11-6Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
13 OctUniversity of BathFrome10-10University of BathMatch Sheet
13 OctExeterCity of Newport28-15St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, ExeterMatch Sheet
14 OctNewton Abbot WomenCity of Bristol Women3-8Newton Abbot Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
14 OctCwm Draig WomenExeter Women0-5Sobell Leisure CentreConceded by Cwm Draig
15 OctSwindon DolphinCeltic Dragons10-8Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
15 OctTaunton DeaneCity of Bristol Harlequins5-21Taunton Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
19 OctCity of Bristol Under-15sExeter Under-15s13-18Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
19 OctCity of BristolExeter18-11Hengrove Leisure CentreMatch Sheet
20 OctUniversity of BathNewton Abbot17-13University of BathMatch Sheet
21 OctNewton Abbot WomenCwm Draig Women5-0Newton Abbot Leisure CentreConceded by Cwm Draig
29 OctSwindon DolphinWeston-super-Mare13 (6) - 11Marlborough College Swimming PoolMatch Sheet
6 OctCeltic DragonsBradford on Avon13:00Newport International PoolDiv 2 - Referees to be appointed

President’s Cup, Knockout Competition

The draw for the 2023 President’s Cup Knockout Handicap Competition was made at the AGM in January. Eight teams have entered, Frome, Weston-super-Mare, City of Bristol Harlequins, Taunton Deane, Swansea, Swindon and Newton Abbot. The first round matches need to be completed by June 30th 2023.

Frome v University of Bath – 1st March 2023 – 14-25 Final Score

Wednesday 1st March. A six-goal lead has been awarded to the University of Bath for their away fixture at Frome Leisure Centre, starting at 8.45 pm. Referees are Mike Coles and Chris Selby.

Frome failed to contain Tom Hunt, who has recently been selected to represent Great Britain, in their home tie of the BWWPL President’s Cup Knockout Competition. The Students had been awarded a six goal start over the Somerset team, who finished in the runners-up spot of Division 1 last year.

Tom scored six goals and assisted in many more, but top scorer for the University Students was Ceri Griffiths, who netted seven goals, and Frome were defeated 14-25.

Frome were without their regular and stalwart goalkeeper, Andy Perry, who has recently undergone a hip operation, and we all wish him well in his recovery.

Taunton v Swansea – 23rd April 2023 – Final Score 15 – 20 (8). Swansea progress to Semi-final.

A St George’s Day encounter for the Somerset-based team at Taunton against Welsh side Swansea. The fixture will be played at Taunton Swimming Pool, at 8pm. Swansea have been awarded an eight goal lead over the home side.

Swindon Dolphins v Newton Abbot – 14th May 2023 – Final Scorer: 24 (12) – 8. Swindon progress to Semi-final.

Swindon Dolphins are hosts to Division 1 side, Newton Abbot, at Marlborough College, 12:15 Swim Off.

The handicap committee have given Swindon a 12 goal start for this game.

Weston-super-Mare v City of Bristol Harlequins – 21st May 2023 – Final Score: 10 – 8 (3). Weston-super-Mare progress to Semi-final

The draw produced a repeat of last year’s semi-final which was played in the Marine Lake in Weston-super-Mare. This year’s fixture is earlier in the year, so it was thought better to play at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre on Sunday 21st May, at 6.30 pm. Based on last year’s result, the Harlequin’s side, that went on to be the 2022 victors in the competition, have been awarded a three goal start.

University of Bath v Weston-super-Mare. Semi-Final.

The match for the first semi-final drew Weston-super-Mare away to University of Bath. The Handicap Committee awarded University of Bath a five goal advantage, and the match was scheduled to be played on 22nd July. However, University of Bath were unable to field a side and conceded, therefore Weston-super-Mare proceeded to the Final.

Swindon Dolphins v Swansea. Semi-Final

This game was scheduled for 10th September at Swindon’s HQ, Marlborough College Pool. Swansea were awarded a three goal start over Swindon. However, Swansea were unable to field a side and conceded. Therefore Swindon Dolphins progress to the final with Weston-super-Mare, on a date to decided.

Swindon Dolphins v Weston-super-Mare Final

The Final was played at Marlborough College by mutual consent of the teams. Swindon were awarded a six goal start over The Seasiders, an in a closely fought game, Weston could not overcome the deficit and finished three goal short with the final score being 13-11 to Swindon.

2023 Under-13s Tournament

Held at Millfield School on Sunday 7th May 2023

GameWhite HatsBlue HatsResultMatch Sheet
1Exeter B0Newton Abbot11Match Sheet Game 1
2Weymouth & Portland9Taunton Deane0Match Sheet Game 2
3Cheltenham4City of Bristol0Match Sheet Game 3
4Taunton Deane4Exeter B4Match Sheet Game 4
5Newton Abbot0Weymouth & Portland5Match Sheet Game 5
6Cheltenham2Exeter A5Match sheet Game 6
7Weymouth & Portland12Exeter B0Match Sheet Game 7
8City of Bristol1Exeter A12Match Sheet Game 8
9Newton Abbot6Taunton Deane2Match Sheet Game 9
Semi-Final 1Exeter A5Newton Abbot1Match Sheet First Semi-final
Semi-final 2Weymouth & Portland3Cheltenham0Match Sheet Second Semi-final
Plate PlayoffCity of Bristol5Taunton Deane2Match Sheet Plate Competition
FinalExeter A8Weymouth & Portland7Match Sheet Final

2023 Under-15s Tournament

Held at Millfield School on Sunday 7th May 2023

GameWhite HatsScoreBlue HatsScoreMatch Sheet
1Cheltenham7City of Bristol1Game 1 Match Sheet
2Exeter5Newton Abbot 3Game 2 Match Sheet
3Paignton6Taunton Deane8Game 3 Match Sheet
4Cheltenham3Exeter9Game 4 Match Sheet
5City of Bristol2Newton Abbot8Game 5 Match Sheet
6Paignton4Cheltenham12Game 6 Match Sheet
7Taunton Deane5City of Bristol 5Game 7 Match Sheet
8Exeter11Paignton1Game 8 Match Sheet
9Newton Abbot8Cheltenham6Game 9 Match Sheet
10City of Bristol0Exeter13Game 10 Match Sheet
11Taunton Deane2Newton Abbot9Game 11 Match Sheet
12Paignton5City of Bristol4Game 12 Match Sheet
13Exeter11Taunton Deane2Game 13 Match Sheet
14Newton Abbot11Paignton2Game 14 Match Sheet
15Cheltenham9Taunton Deane1Game 15 Match Sheet

Under-15s Tournament Table

Newton Abbot54103919208
Taunton Deane51311840-223
City of Bristol50501238-260