2020 Season

At present, the league is suspended for the foreseeable future. The Management Committee will be reviewing the ongoing situation and keep all our members up-to-date with the situation and taking advice from the Government and our governing bodies. Stay Safe!

Click HERE to download 2020 match sheets, or click on the officials’ tab on matches which will also give you access to a match sheet. Please ensure you use the 2020 Match Sheets

League Tables for 2020

2020 Senior Men’s Premier Division

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGFGACancelled GamePTS
City of Bristol Barbarians2110162604
City of Bristol Seniors2110261604
Welsh Wanderers Seniors10017702
Cheltenham Spartans10017702
Exeter City Seniors A00000000
Newton Abbot Seniors00000000

2020 Senior Men Premier League Fixture Grid
CheltenhamCoB BarbariansCoBExeterNewton AbbotWelsh Wanderers
CoB Barbarians17.05.202027.02.2020
Newton Abbot27.06.202020.06.202004.07.202003.07.202011.07.2020
Welsh Wanderers20.02.2020
2020 Senior Men’s Division 1

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGFGACancelled GamePTS
University of Bath651010685016
City of Newport Seniors3210544607
Taunton Deane Seniors2110233004
Devonport Royal Seniors3030485703
Swindon Dolphins101071501

2020 Senior Men Division 1 Fixture Grid
City of NewportDevonportFromeSwindonTaunton DeaneUni of BathWeston-s-Mare
City of Newport18.03.202016.09.202027.05.202012.09.202019.02.2020
Taunton Deane11.10.202008.03.2020
Uni of Bath06.03.2020

2020 Senior Men’s Division 2

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGFGACancelled GamePTS
Swansea Seniors3210343307
City of Newport II110016503
Exeter City Seniors B1010121301
Bradford on Avon101051601
City of Bristol Harlequins00000000
Cwm Draig Seniors00000000

2020 Senior Men Division 2 Fixture Grid
Bradford on AvonCoB HarlequinsCity of Newport IICwm DraigExeter City BSwansea
Bradford on Avon17.09.202003.09.202002.07.202030.04.202021.05.2020
CoB Harlequins25.06.202018.06.202009.07.202010.09.202014.05.2020
City of Newport II14.10.202026.04.202020.06.202003.10.202029.02.2020
Cwm Draig28.05.202003.09.202016.04.202021.06.202023.04.2020
Exeter City B24.03.202005.05.202003.05.202022.03.202001.03.2020

2020 Women’s Division

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGFGACancelled GamePTS
Cheltenham Ladies11005003
Welsh Wanderers Ladies00000000
Newton Abbot Ladies00000000
Exeter City Ladies00000000
City of Bristol Ladies00000000
Cwm Draig Ladies1000051-2

Cwm Draig will have two points deducted because of cancellation of Cheltenham Cwm Draig game.

2020 Women’s Division Fixture Grid
CheltenhamCity of BristolCwm DraigExeterNewton AbbotWelsh Wanderers
5-0 Cwm Draig
cancelled game.
2pts deducted
from total
City of Bristol27.09.202029.03.202013.09.202006.09.202020.09.2020
Cwm Draig28.06.202022.10.202021.06.202018.07.202030.04.2020
Newton Abbot11.07.202020.06.202023.05.202006.07.202027.06.2020
Welsh Wanderers07.07.202028.04.202024.03.2020TBCTBC

2020 Junior Division 1

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGFGACancelled GamePTS
Devonport Royal Juniors2110363404
City of Bristol Juniors A1100161303
Exeter City Juniors1010182301
Welsh Wanderers Juniors00000000

2020 Junior Division 1 Fixture Grid
City of BristolDevonportExeterWelsh Wanderers
City of Bristol A29.09.202013.09.202029.03.2020
Welsh Wanderers11.09.202011.10.202025.09.2020

2020 Junior Division 2

TeamGPWinsLossesTiesGFGACancelled GamePTS
South Glos Juniors2110302504
Swansea Juniors11009803
Newton Abbot Juniors1010162201
Taunton Deane Juniors00000000
Cwm Draig Juniors00000000
City of Newport Juniors00000000
City of Bristol Juniors B00000000

2020 Junior Division 2 Fixture Grid
City of Bristol BCity of NewportCwm DraigNewton AbbotSouth GlosSwanseaTaunton Deane
City of Bristol B17.05.202018.10.202004.10.202022.03.202019.04.202026.04.2020
City of Newport13.06.202024.05.202012.07.202026.04.202025.04.202012.09.2020
Cwm Draig24.10.202027.09.202006.06.202004.10.2010.05.202005.09.2020
Newton Abbot20.06.202005.09.202019.09.202014.03.2020
South Glos14.10.202003.03.2020
5-0 Pts deduct from Cwm Draig
Taunton Deane28.06.202007.06.202011.10.202014.06.202027.09.202022.03.2020

Fixtures and Officials Appointments for 2020

28 JanNewton Abbot LadiesWelsh Wanderers LadiesTBATeignmouth LidoGame to be confirmed
19 FebCity of Newport SeniorsUniversity of Bath21-13Newport International PoolMatchsheet
20 FebWelsh Wanderers SeniorsCheltenham Spartans7-7Cardiff International PoolMatchsheet
22 FebUniversity of BathDevonport Royal Seniors15-10University of BathMatchsheet
23 FebSwansea JuniorsCwm Draig Juniors5-0Wales National Pool, Swansea*Pts deducted from Cwm Draig for playing non-Swim Wales players
27 FebCity of Bristol BarbariansCity of Bristol Seniors6-9Hengrove Leisure CentreMatchsheet
29 FebCity of Newport IISwansea Seniors16-5Newport International PoolMatchsheet
29 FebUniversity of BathTaunton Deane Seniors18-8University of BathMatchsheet
1 MarDevonport Royal JuniorsCity of Bristol Juniors A13-16Plymouth Life CentreMatchsheet
1 MarExeter City Seniors BSwansea Seniors12-13Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreMatchsheet
3 MarSouth Glos JuniorsCity of Newport Juniors8-9Winterborne International Academy Swimming PoolMatchsheet
3 MarSwansea KOBradford on Avon KO21:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatchsheet (5-0 to BoA)
3 MarSwansea SeniorsBradford on Avon16-5Wales National Pool, SwanseaMatchsheet
6 MarUniversity of BathCity of Newport Seniors18-13University of BathMatchsheet
8 MarCheltenham LadiesCwm Draig LadiesGame awarded to Cheltenham 5-0Leisure@Cheltenham
8 MarTaunton Deane SeniorsDevonport Royal Seniors15-12Taunton Swimming PoolMatchsheet
12 MarCity of Bristol SeniorsCity of Bristol Barbarians7-20Hengrove Leisure CentreMatchsheet
12 MarWeston-super-MareCity of Newport Seniors15-20Hutton Moor Leisure CentreMatchsheet
13 MarExeter City JuniorsDevonport Royal Juniors18-23Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreMatchsheet
13 MarUniversity of BathSwindon Dolphins15-7University of BathMatchsheet
14 MarNewton Abbot JuniorsSouth Glos Juniors-Newton Abbot Leisure CentreMatchsheet
15 MarDevonport Royal SeniorsUniversity of Bath26-27Plymouth Life CentreMatchsheet
18 MarCity of Newport SeniorsDevonport Royal Seniors21:00Newport International PoolD Ward/K Urban
19 MarWelsh Wanderers SeniorsExeter City Seniors A20:30Cardiff International PoolN Tod/D Ward
20 MarExeter City JuniorsCity of Bristol Juniors A18:30Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreP Whiting/J Trist
20 MarExeter City Seniors ACity of Bristol Barbarians19:30Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreP Whiting/J Trist
20 MarUniversity of BathFrome20:15University of BathM Coles/N Purslow
22 MarCity of Bristol Juniors BSouth Glos JuniorsTBAHengrove Leisure CentreA Murphy/T La Touche
22 MarExeter City JuniorsWelsh Wanderers Juniors17:15Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreC Pryke/T Bossom
22 MarTaunton Deane JuniorsSouth Glos Juniors18:45Taunton Swimming PoolM Coles/N Purslow
22 MarExeter City LadiesCwm Draig Ladies19:30Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreC Pryke/T Bossom
22 MarExeter City Seniors BCwm Draig Seniors20:30Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreC Pryke/T Bossom
24 MarWelsh Wanderers LadiesCwm Draig Ladies19:30Cardiff International PoolA Jones/N Tod
24 MarExeter City Seniors BBradford on Avon21:00Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreM Coles/J Trist
25 MarSouth Glos JuniorsTaunton Deane Juniors20:00Winterborne International Academy Swimming PoolM Coles
26 MarWelsh Wanderers SeniorsCity of Bristol Barbarians20:00Cardiff International PoolM Coles/K Urban
26 MarFromeWeston-super-Mare21:00Frome Leisure CentreLa Touche/J Tod
29 MarSwansea SeniorsCity of Newport II11:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaA Jones/J Evans
29 MarCity of Bristol LadiesCwm Draig Ladies11:00Hengrove Leisure CentreC Tubby/D Nash
29 MarCity of Bristol Juniors AWelsh Wanderers Juniors11:15Hengrove Leisure CentreA Murphy/N Tod
29 MarCity of Bristol BarbariansNewton Abbot Seniors12:15Hengrove Leisure CentreC Tubby/D Nash
29 MarDevonport Royal SeniorsWeston-super-Mare18:00Plymouth Life CentreP Whiting/J Trist
2 AprCity of Bristol BarbariansWelsh Wanderers Seniors20:00Hengrove Leisure CentreR Tamlyn/N Paton
2 AprWeston-super-MareUniversity of Bath21:00Hutton Moor Leisure CentreP Whiting/J Trist
2 AprFrome KOSwindon Dolphins KO21:00Frome Leisure CentreD Nash/T La Touche
5 AprSouth Glos JuniorsNewton Abbot Juniors13:30Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolC Tubby
16 AprCwm Draig SeniorsCity of Newport II20:00Sobell Leisure CentreN Tod/J Griffiths
19 AprCity of Bristol Juniors BSwansea Juniors10:45Hengrove Leisure CentreA Murphy/D Nash
19 AprDevonport Royal SeniorsCity of Newport SeniorsTBAPlymouth Life CentreP Whiting/J Trist
19 AprTaunton Deane SeniorsSwindon Dolphins19:45Taunton Swimming PoolM Coles/N Purslow
23 AprCwm Draig SeniorsSwansea Seniors20:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolA Jones/N Tod
23 AprWeston-super-MareSwindon Dolphins21:00Hutton Moor Leisure CentreD Nash/S Tomlinson
23 AprFromeUniversity of Bath21:00Frome Leisure CentreR Tamlyn/T La Touche
25 AprUniversity of BathWeston-super-Mare16:45University of BathLa Touche/Pryke
25 AprCity of Newport JuniorsSwansea Juniors17:30Newport International PoolM Coles/K Urban
26 AprCity of Bristol Juniors BTaunton Deane Juniors10:45Hengrove Leisure CentreE Simpson/D Nash
26 AprCity of Newport IICity of Bristol Harlequins13:30Newport International PoolM Coles/J Griffiths
26 AprCity of Newport JuniorsSouth Glos Juniors15:00Newport International PoolM Coles/J Griffiths
26 AprSwindon DolphinsFrome20:30Swindon Health Hydro PoolR Tamlyn/T La Touche
28 AprWelsh Wanderers LadiesCity of Bristol Ladies19:30Cardiff International PoolA Jones/K Urban
30 AprCwm Draig LadiesWelsh Wanderers Ladies20:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolN Tod/A Jones
30 AprWeston-super-MareTaunton Deane Seniors21:00Hutton Moor Leisure CentreP Whiting/J Trist
30 AprFromeDevonport Royal Seniors21:00Frome Leisure CentreR Tamlyn/C Pryke
30 AprBradford on AvonExeter City Seniors B21:00Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolJ Tod/C Tod
3 MaySwansea JuniorsSouth Glos Juniors11:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaA Jones/N Tod
3 MayTaunton Deane KOCity of Newport KOTBATaunton Swimming PoolM Coles/N Purslow
3 MayExeter City Seniors BCity of Newport II17:15Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreP Whiting/C Pryke
3 MayExeter City Seniors ACity of Bristol Seniors19:30Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreP Whiting/C Pryke
3 MaySwindon DolphinsUniversity of Bath20:30Swindon Health Hydro PoolR Tamlyn/T La Touche
5 MayExeter City Seniors BCity of Bristol HarlequinsTBAPyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreReferees TBC
7 MayWeston-super-MareFrome21:00Hengrove Leisure CentreTomlinson/Whiting
10 MayCwm Draig JuniorsSwansea Juniors16:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
10 MayCheltenham SpartansExeter City Seniors A17:30Leisure@CheltenhamM Jukes/N Paton
10 MayCheltenham LadiesExeter City Ladies19:00Leisure@CheltenhamReferees TBC
13 MayCity of Newport SeniorsWeston-super-Mare21:00Newport International PoolN Tod/Griffiths
14 MayCity of Bristol HarlequinsSwansea SeniorsTBABristol South Swimming PoolReferees TBC
14 MayFromeSwindon Dolphins21:00Frome Leisure CentreReferees TBC
14 MayWeston-super-Mare KOCwm Draig KO21:00Hutton Moor Leisure CentreReferees TBC
17 MayCity of Bristol Juniors BCity of Newport Juniors11:00Hengrove Leisure CentreE Simpson/D Nash
17 MayCity of Bristol BarbariansCheltenham Spartans12:15Hengrove Leisure CentreD Nash/N Paton
17 MayTaunton Deane SeniorsFrome19:45Taunton Swimming PoolWhiting/Trist
21 MayBradford on AvonSwansea Seniors21:00Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolReferees TBC
22 MayExeter City LadiesCheltenham Ladies19:30Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreReferees TBC
23 MayNewton Abbot LadiesCwm Draig Ladies17:45Newton Abbot Leisure CentreReferees TBC
24 MayCity of Newport JuniorsCwm Draig Juniors15:00Newport International PoolReferees TBC
24 MayExeter City LadiesWelsh Wanderers LadiesTBAPyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreGame to be confirmed
24 MaySwansea SeniorsCwm Draig Seniors20:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
27 MayCity of Newport SeniorsSwindon Dolphins21:00Newport International PoolColes/Tubby
28 MayCwm Draig SeniorsBradford on Avon20:30Bronwydd Swimming PoolN Tod/J Griffiths
31 MayWelsh Wanderers LadiesExeter City LadiesTBANewport International PoolGame to be confirmed
31 MaySwindon DolphinsCity of Newport Seniors20:30Swindon Health Hydro PoolTubby/La Touche
5 JunExeter City Seniors ANewton Abbot Seniors19:30Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreReferees TBC
6 JunCwm Draig JuniorsNewton Abbot Juniors16:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
6 JunExeter City LadiesCity of Bristol Ladies18:30Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreReferees TBC
7 JunCity of Bristol BarbariansExeter City Seniors A12:15Referees TBC
7 JunDevonport Royal SeniorsSwindon Dolphins18:00Referees TBC
7 JunTaunton Deane JuniorsCity of Newport Juniors18:45Taunton Swimming PoolReferees TBC
7 JunTaunton Deane SeniorsWeston-super-Mare20:00Taunton Swimming PoolBaker/Whiting
13 JunCity of Newport JuniorsCity of Bristol Juniors B17:30Newport International PoolReferees TBC
14 JunSwansea JuniorsTaunton Deane Juniors11:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaReferees TBC
14 JunCheltenham LadiesNewton Abbot Ladies17:30Leisure@CheltenhamReferees TBC
14 JunTaunton Deane JuniorsNewton Abbot Juniors18:45Taunton Swimming PoolReferees TBC
14 JunCheltenham SpartansNewton Abbot Seniors19:00Leisure@CheltenhamReferees TBC
16 JunExeter City LadiesNewton Abbot Ladies13:00Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreReferees TBC
16 JunExeter City Seniors ACheltenham Spartans20:00Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreP Whiting/J Trist
18 JunCity of Bristol HarlequinsCity of Newport II20:30Bristol South Swimming PoolColes/Tubby
18 JunFromeTaunton Deane Seniors21:00Frome Leisure CentreColes/Pryke
20 JunCity of Newport IICwm Draig Seniors17:30Newport International PoolReferees TBC
20 JunNewton Abbot JuniorsCity of Bristol Juniors B18:00Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
20 JunNewton Abbot LadiesCity of Bristol Ladies19:00Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
20 JunNewton Abbot SeniorsCity of Bristol Barbarians20:00Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
21 JunCwm Draig SeniorsExeter City Seniors B17:00Sobell Leisure CentreReferees TBC
21 JunCwm Draig LadiesExeter City Ladies18:00Sobell Leisure CentreReferees TBC
25 JunCity of Bristol HarlequinsBradford on Avon21:00Bristol South Swimming PoolReferees TBC
27 JunNewton Abbot JuniorsSwansea Juniors18:00Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
27 JunNewton Abbot LadiesWelsh Wanderers Ladies19:00Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
27 JunNewton Abbot SeniorsCheltenham Spartans20:00Teignmouth Lido
28 JunCwm Draig LadiesCheltenham Ladies16:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
28 JunTaunton Deane JuniorsCity of Bristol Juniors B18:45Taunton Swimming PoolReferees TBC
28 JunSwindon DolphinsWeston-super-Mare20:15Swindon Health Hydro PoolTubby/Paton
1 JulNewton Abbot JuniorsTaunton Deane Juniors19:00Teignmouth LidoJ Baker/I Mair
2 JulBradford on AvonCwm Draig Seniors21:00Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolReferees TBC
3 JulNewton Abbot SeniorsExeter City Seniors A17:00Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
4 JulNewton Abbot SeniorsCity of Bristol Seniors20:00Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
5 JulDevonport Royal SeniorsFrome17:45Plymouth Life CentreReferees TBC
5 JulCheltenham SpartansCity of Bristol Barbarians18:30Leisure@CheltenhamReferees TBC
6 JulNewton Abbot LadiesExeter City Ladies19:30Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
7 JulWelsh Wanderers LadiesCheltenham Ladies20:20Cardiff International PoolReferees TBC
9 JulCity of Bristol HarlequinsCwm Draig Seniors20:00Bristol South Swimming PoolReferees TBC
9 JulWeston-super-MareDevonport Royal Seniors21:00Hutton Moor Leisure CentreTamlyn/Nash
11 JulNewton Abbot LadiesCheltenham Ladies19:00Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
11 JulNewton Abbot SeniorsCheltenham Spartans20:00Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
12 JulSwansea JuniorsNewton Abbot Juniors11:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaReferees TBC
12 JulCity of Newport JuniorsNewton Abbot Juniors15:00Newport International PoolReferees TBC
18 JulCwm Draig LadiesNewton Abbot Ladies16:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
19 JulSwansea JuniorsCity of Newport Juniors11:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaReferees TBC
26 JulSwansea SeniorsExeter City Seniors B11:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaReferees TBC
3 SepCwm Draig SeniorsCity of Bristol Harlequins20:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
3 SepBradford on AvonCity of Newport II21:00Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolReferees TBC
5 SepCwm Draig JuniorsTaunton Deane Juniors16:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
5 SepNewton Abbot JuniorsNewton Abbot Juniors17:45Teignmouth LidoReferees TBC
6 SepCity of Bristol LadiesNewton Abbot Ladies11:00Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
6 SepCity of Bristol SeniorsNewton Abbot Seniors12:15Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
6 SepCheltenham LadiesWelsh Wanderers Ladies17:30Leisure@CheltenhamReferees TBC
6 SepCheltenham SpartansWelsh Wanderers Seniors18:30Leisure@CheltenhamM Jukes/N Paton
8 SepExeter City Seniors AWelsh Wanderers Seniors21:00Pyramids Swimming and Leisure CentreReferees TBC
9 SepDevonport Royal JuniorsExeter City Juniors16:15Plymouth Life CentreReferees TBC
10 SepCity of Bristol HarlequinsExeter City Seniors B21:00Bristol South Swimming PoolReferees TBC
11 SepWelsh Wanderers JuniorsCity of Bristol Juniors A20:15Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
12 SepCity of Newport JuniorsTaunton Deane Juniors17:30Newport International PoolReferees TBC
12 SepCity of Newport SeniorsTaunton Deane Seniors17:45Newport International PoolWard/Urban
13 SepCity of Bristol Juniors AExeter City Juniors9:45Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
13 SepCity of Bristol SeniorsExeter City Seniors A11:00Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
13 SepCity of Bristol LadiesExeter City Ladies12:15Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
13 SepSwindon DolphinsTaunton Deane Seniors20:15Swindon Health Hydro PoolReferees TBC
16 SepCity of Newport SeniorsFrome21:00Newport International PoolReferees TBC
17 SepWelsh Wanderers SeniorsCity of Bristol Seniors20:00Cardiff International PoolColes/Tamlyn
17 SepBradford on AvonCity of Bristol Harlequins21:00Bradford on Avon Swimming PoolReferees TBC
19 SepNewton Abbot JuniorsCwm Draig Juniors17:45Newton Abbot Leisure CentreReferees TBC
20 SepSwansea JuniorsCity of Bristol Juniors B11:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaReferees TBC
20 SepCity of Bristol LadiesWelsh Wanderers Ladies11:00Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
20 SepDevonport Royal SeniorsTaunton Deane Seniors16:30Referees TBC
22 SepSouth Glos JuniorsSwansea Juniors19:45Winterborne International Academy Swimming PoolReferees TBC
24 SepFromeCity of Newport Seniors21:00Frome Leisure CentreColes/Nash
25 SepWelsh Wanderers JuniorsExeter City Juniors20:30Cardiff International PoolReferees TBC
27 SepCity of Bristol Juniors ADevonport Royal Juniors10:00Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
27 SepCity of Bristol LadiesCheltenham Ladies11:00Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
27 SepWelsh Wanderers SeniorsNewton Abbot Seniors13:30Cardiff International PoolNash/Urban
27 SepCwm Draig JuniorsCity of Newport Juniors14:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
27 SepTaunton Deane JuniorsSouth Glos Juniors18:45Taunton Swimming PoolReferees TBC
1 OctCity of Bristol SeniorsCheltenham Spartans20:30Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
3 OctCity of Newport IIExeter City Seniors B17:45Newport International Pool
4 OctSwansea SeniorsCity of Bristol Harlequins11:00Wales National Pool, SwanseaA Jones/K Urban
4 OctCity of Bristol Juniors BNewton Abbot Juniors11:00Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
4 OctSwindon DolphinsDevonport Royal Seniors14:00Swindon Health Hydro PoolReferees TBC
4 OctCwm Draig JuniorsSouth Glos Juniors16:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
4 OctTaunton Deane SeniorsUniversity of Bath19:45Taunton Swimming PoolReferees TBC
11 OctWelsh Wanderers JuniorsDevonport Royal Juniors13:30Cardiff International PoolReferees TBC
11 OctTaunton Deane JuniorsCwm Draig Juniors18:45Taunton Swimming PoolReferees TBC
11 OctTaunton Deane SeniorsCity of Newport Seniors19:45Taunton Swimming PoolR Tamlyn/P Whiting
14 OctSouth Glos JuniorsCity of Bristol Juniors BTBABradford on Avon Swimming PoolReferees TBC
14 OctCity of Newport IIBradford on Avon21:00Newport International PoolReferees TBC
15 OctCity of Bristol SeniorsWelsh Wanderers SeniorsTBAHengrove Leisure CentreNash/Coles
18 OctCity of Bristol Juniors BCwm Draig Juniors10:45Hengrove Leisure CentreReferees TBC
18 OctCheltenham LadiesCity of Bristol Ladies17:30Leisure@CheltenhamReferees TBC
18 OctDevonport Royal JuniorsWelsh Wanderers Juniors18:00Plymouth Life CentreReferees TBC
18 OctCheltenham SpartansCity of Bristol Seniors18:30Leisure@CheltenhamReferees TBC
20 OctSouth Glos JuniorsCwm Draig Juniors19:45Winterborne International Academy Swimming PoolReferees TBC
22 OctCwm Draig LadiesCity of Bristol Ladies20:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolReferees TBC
24 OctCwm Draig JuniorsCity of Bristol Juniors B16:00Bronwydd Swimming PoolJ Evans/M Diment