Sunday, 23 February 2020

Swansea Juniors

5 - 0

Cwm Draig Juniors

Wales National Pool, Swansea
(Swansea, )

Email sent 2nd March, 2020

Swansea v Cwm Draig, BWWPL Junior Division 2

Mike Coles

12:07 PM (3 minutes ago)
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Hi Darryl,

It has come to my attention that in the game between Swansea v Cwm Draig, in Junior Division 2 you have played a number of players who are not Swim Wales members and a number who are not either Swim Wales or Swim England registered to your club of Cwm Draig.

Name ASA/WASA Registration No DoB for Juniors  
George Jones 127969 04 Not a SW or SE member
Katie Jo Williams 918048 04 Not a SW or SE member
Seren Geary 1247056 05 Member, OK
Tarian Vaughan 1234531 04 Member, OK
George Glover 1137583 04 Not a member of CD or SW
Nathan Lambert 1359030 04 Not a member of CD or SW
AlfiePaton 13705020 04 Not a SW or SE member
Charlotte Martin 980099 04 Not a member of CD or SW
Helena Weale 1491356 04 Member, OK
Jordan Blassberg 1402487 06 Member, OK
Immogen Blassberg 1483363 10 Not a member of CD
Josh Morgan 1346948 05 Member, OK
Owen Johns 1347273 06 Member, OK
Owain Maher 1357713 07 Member, OK
Jac Griffiths 1351955 06 Member, OK
Joseph Wilson 1442414 04 Member, OK

This is contrary to the rules of Swim England and Swim Wales, where all players have to be bonafide members of the club. Therefore George Glover, Nathan Lambert and Charlotte Martin are Swim England registered, but not Swim Wales registered for Cwm Draig; and Immogen Glassberg is in fact registered with Swansea with Swim Wales.

Although not in breach of Rule 16.1, and therefore you avoid the fines of £50.00 per player, although this will be looked at in light of this, you are in breach of Swim England and Swim Wales rules as regards to registered players in that George Jones and Katie Williams did play and who are not registered with Swim Wales as a member of Cwm Draig.

In light of your failure to register these players with your club and Swim Wales, the points you received from the game against Swansea on 23rd February 2020 will now be awarded to Swansea, and you will now have to make sure all players are registered with Swim Wales to represent Cwm Draig before they are allowed to play again in the Bristol & West Water Polo League.

Please ignore the previous error which was sent before finishing the email.


Mike Coles

BWWPL Match Secretary