Sunday, 19 March 2023

Swindon Dolphin

8 - 18

Exeter Seconds

Marlborough College Swimming Pool
(Marlborough, )

Player B4 Stuart Noyce of Exeter II was EM under Rule 22.13 in the fourth period. He had been warned to be quiet by a match officials after several outbursts, he failed to comply, and was red carded.

Also in the final period, Swindon Dolphin Player W7, Michael Trzeciak and B6, Charlie Noyce were involved in a melay at the halfway point of the pool. W7 was excluded for an infringement of Rule 22.9, but as he turned and moved towards exiting the pool, B6 aimed a kick at him, connecting with the side of the body of W7. B6 was excluded for the remainder of the game under Rule 22.14, committing a violent action, red carded and a penalty awarded against the opposing team.

At the end of the game, B4, Noyce came around the the two match officials who were standing by the table officials checking the match sheet, and started remonstrating at them, accusing them of losing control of the match, and parading various players to the officials with accusations of gouging and scratching by the opposition. It was explained to him that this had not been seen by either official and as such he should leave. He continued to remonstrate that several of his players were under 18 years of age, but it was explained that the officials could not know that as his team had not entered that information onto the match sheet.

A report would sent to Swim England.