Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Exeter Seconds

31 - 11

Cwm Draig

St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, Exeter
(Exeter, Devon)
Dear All
We have received contact from the Council this week that the new pool which formally opens on the 1st May (originally 1st March) will now not let us play the two games we had booked as part of the pool testing which they had said was okay just a few weeks ago.  We apologise for the inconvenience.  To compensate they have given us some extra pool sessions in May so hopefully one of these listed below would be suitable for an alternative.  I have contacted Mike and he has confirmed that as this is not in our control that the league supports moving the fixtures.  Thank you for your understanding especially Newton as we have moved several fixtures with the pool delays in 2022.
I have also copied in the refs who were assigned to the original matches.
Cancelled games
19/4 – Exe seconds V CWM Draig
 27/4 – Exe Ladies v New ton Abbot
Alterative poss Dates
6/5 – 7pm ladies or 8pm mens
13/5 -7pm  ladies or 8pm mens
20/5 -7pm  ladies or 8pm mens
27/5 – 7pm  ladies or 8pm mens
Stuart – Exeter Water Polo