Thursday, 28 April 2022

Welsh Wanderers II

25 - 4

Cwm Draig

Cardiff International Pool
(Cardiff, )
The BWWPL Management Committee have met virtually to discuss this situation, and they have unanimously agreed to the postponement of this fixture, and allow the rescheduling of this match due to the following reasons:
The Rules of the BWWPL did not envisage:
1. There being such a small squad of players registered for one team;
2. Nor did it consider the disproportionate impact of national representation for Welsh Club Associations compared to English-based Clubs.Therefore the Committee made an exception to the rules on the basis that to adhere to the rules would be likely to be found to be indirectly discriminatory on the grounds of national origin, and in our view, the rules would be over-ridden by any complaint advance to Swim England as a result.
Going forward we will amend the list in the Schedule to include national representation where such reduces the available players that remain to less than 10 registered players in the registered squad. This can then be applied for the 2022 season if the Committee is content to do so without a change to the rules and we would need to note the requirement to change the rules for the next AGM. This again was agreed unanimously.
And as such, you may enter into negotiations to rearrange this fixture, and notify me of the new date within 14 days of the date of this email. The appointed officials will remain the same, unless unavailable on the new date.