Two teams fall foul of registration of players

Two teams have fallen foul of Rule 16 in the Bristol and West Water Polo League’s Rules and Conditions, and as such have faced docking of points and monatory fines.

In both cases Welsh club Cwm Draig have benefitted from the points being awarded to them under Rule 16.9.

First to suffer were Welsh Wanderers Ladies who played Cwm Draig at Cardiff on 3rd March, and beat them 14-8. However, on submitting the matchsheet to the match secretary, he noted that Wanderers had unwittingly fielded an unregistered player in breach of Rule 16.9. As such the score was reduced to a 0-0 score and the two points were awarded to Cwm Draig.

Second to fall foul were present league leaders of Division 2, City of Bristol Harlquins, when once again a player was missed off their registrations and when the sheet was returned for the game they played against Cwm Draig at Bristol South, again an unregistered player was identified and as such they suffered the same fate as Wanderers.

All secretaries are asked to make sure they check their player registrations which are available on the website under the members’ area.

If you need to register an additional player, remember that this must be done in writing to the match secretary and £1 administration fee will be added to the club’s account at the end of the year.