Students overwhelm Newport II

By | February 18, 2019

Only managing to turn out a team of seven players, the University of Bath students went over the bridge to play their opening game of the new season and totally overwhelmed the home side of City of Newport II 7-18.

Francesco Rizzo of Bath Uni, managed to pick up two exclusion fouls right at the start of the game, after one for impeding, and a second straight away following not returning to the game from the re-entry point, an unwise situation when your team only has seven players.

However, he survived the remainder of the game, netting four goals and replacing Alex James in goal for the final period or he might have scored more. But he was eclipsed by fellow student Adam Williams who scored eight goals for the visitors.

Danial Waller scored a hat-trick for the home team, and was there top scorer.

The home team, coached by Rowan Monico, assisted by James Farror, contained many junior squad members put up spirited resistance, but were no match for the strong students.

Match sheet can be view here