South Glos concede points to University of Bath and Match Sheets

By | April 15, 2019

South Glos became the first club to be docked two points this season, after they postponed on University of Bath for a second time, unable to field enough players for a team on Saturday due to unavailability because of Easter Holidays.

South Glos fell foul of Rule 14.4 which states that a team is only able to postpone a fixture once, and if they cancel a second time, then it becomes an unplayed fixture and the points are awarded to the non-offending team.

Would all club secretaries ensure that firstly 2019 match sheets are used, and also that they are correctly filled out please, complete with the division, venue and date, and also ensuring that players totals are filled in on the last column of the match table.

Also that officials print their name, as well as signing the declaration at the bottom of the sheet.

You can download copies of the 2019 match sheets here