Make sure all players are registered with Swim England or Swim Wales to play for your clubs

By | March 2, 2020

Following on from a number of instances at the start of this season, all clubs are warned to ensure that players are registered with Swim England for all English Clubs, to represent your club, and in the case of Welsh Clubs, you have registered them to play for your club with Swim Wales.

It is not a case of a Swim England registered player able to represent one of the Welsh Clubs, they also have to be Swim Wales registered to represent that club. We realise that this will involve extra expense, but these are the rules of registration for Swim England and Swim Wales.

Cwm Draig have just had a result be taken off them after beating Swansea 11-27 in the Junior Division 2, but after the Match Secretary went through the sheet against Swim Wales Registrations, it was found that a number of their players were either not Swim Wales registered, or they were Swim England registered, which ruled them out from being bonafide members of Cwm Draig, even though they had been registered as players with the league.

This is reason why we ask for SE or SW registration numbers, to ensure that they are members of your club.

This is also the case with registering new players. Make sure that you have registered them to play for your club with the governing bodies.