Barbarians annihilate Taunton

By | May 10, 2019

Thursday evening’s second match in Hengrove saw Barbarians taking on Taunton Men in Division 1 of the BWWPL. Taunton admitted that they were fielding an under strength side, missing three of their best players, but all credit to Taunton, they still turned out to fulfil the fixture as planned.

Barbarians took the opportunity to play more of their aspiring Juniors, and tonight saw two thirds of the team under 18, and no Centre Back talisman, John Sissons. Nick Hume, however, was available and acted as the rock around which Barbarians could play.

The game plan was to try to establish a good base early on in the game and then introduce more and more of the Juniors to the match as play progressed. The seniors within the team took to the water with this plan firmly in their minds and played to achieve it.

Hubble scored in the first attack, just 20 seconds into the match, and Barbarians were off. Brown followed this up with two great counter attack goals in the next minute. There then followed some strong defence, and another counter attack, which saw D Morley power a shot past the Taunton Goalie. Brown scored his third of the quarter just over 30 seconds later. Newman found himself clear on the next counter attack and received a great cross care pass from Brown, allowing Newman to just flick the ball into the back of the net. 4 minutes played, 6 – 0 score.

Two of the seniors got out of the pool, making way for two of the Juniors. 30 seconds later, Brown found himself in heaps of space, and faked in front of the keep until the keepers legs gave way, before Brown finished his 4th goal of the quarter. Tod found himself clear on the next counter attack and scored from a great cross pitch pass. 20 second later, Hubble found himself in front of goal as the ball was passed, to allow him to catch and shoot in one move and score Bristol’s 9th. Hume scored the next from his strong work in the pit. Taunton clawed one back in the last 3 seconds of the quarter, to see the score 10 – 1 at the break.

The second quarter saw Barbarians start to have fun, which is never a good thing, all composure, structure and balance was lost. The guys started to try individual work rather than team work and the first 2 minutes were scoreless. That having been said, Brown scored a hattrick in the quarter, backed up by Newman, Hubble and D. Morley all scoring one a piece. However, probably twice that number were missed or just finished badly due to the lack of composure. A quarter to not write home about, still the half time score was 16 – 1.

After the half time chat, it was decided to keep at least 3 juniors in the pool for them to gain the experience and I am very pleased to say that they performed well, Davis even scoring a great goal from the right wing. Other goals in the quarter were scored by Brown, D. Morley and Hume. Taunton snatched another goal following some good play from White. End of the third, 20 – 2.

The final quarter started with the Seniors back in and gaols from Newman, giving him his hattrick, and Brown, taking him to a total of 9 for the match. The rest of the quarter was given mainly to the Juniors, assisted by Hume to provide the strength and base for the other to play around. This didn’t start too well, with the Juniors displaying a definite lack of structure. a goal for Taunton followed, and a time out was called by Barbarians. The Juniors were taken out and replaced by the Seniors while the Coach had a chat with the Juniors, who, after a goal from D. Morley, taking him to 4 for the match, replaced the Seniors for the rest of the quarter, and showed that they could compete. Goals from Sullivan, Thompson and a final one from Hubble showed they are more than capable of competing at this level.

Final score 26 – 3.