Sunday, 2 June 2019

Cwm Draig Ladies

Exeter failed to arrive

Exeter Ladies

Bronwydd Swimming Pool
(Porth, )

Email received 3rd June from James Baker:

Dear Nicholas and Mike
I have only just been made aware of this issue and write to apologise and explain the circumstances. As you know Brian Steer and I are the primary and secondary points of contact for BWWPL Admin purposes. My father passed away unexpectedly last week and after having been in a coma for the best part of the previous week. It was one of those horrid situations where the family were sat by his bedside day after day, but to no avail. As a result I have been out of action and not on email for the past two weeks. I have only logged on today in order to attempt to attend to urgent matters and funeral arrangements etc and I am not anticipating being back until next week.

On Friday last week Brian Steer was taken ill – again unexpectedly. I see that Brian sent confirmation of attendance prior to this and also that the Ladies Coach (Kamz Powell) sought to contact Brian to ask him to seek to cancel the match on Friday after some players pulled out. Kamz assumed that Brian would action this and was aware that I was out of action. Brian had been in bed since Friday last week and I spoke to Brian’s wife yesterday in brief but did not trouble her with the reason for my call as she was concerned for Brian’s health. I am going to visit Brian later today.

I am afraid that the ‘no-show’ was not intentional as you can see from the above, but events conspired against us due to Brian and my being otherwise unable to deal with communications and no other member of the Committee being aware of Brian’s sudden illness until yesterday.

Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of the Club.
Kind regards
James Baker

Phone call received from Brian Steer apologising and stating that he had received an email from Kamz Powell, but it was whilst he had been taken ill with a chest infection and that he had not taken any action on it!”